I picked up this fluffy jumper while in New York for fashionweek. It is a straight from the runway piece from Tommy Hilfiger. I turned thirty in december so the number suits me well. Should have been 25 though.. Faking it..


Pairing it with Bok Bok trousers/ Ray Bans/ Coach loafers and Billy Boy


Trends come and go.. I think its about time I dig out this suede fringe jacket from my London-moving boxes (still unpacked). It is at least 8 seasons old but still a winner.

From Acne



This past week n New York has been absolutely freezing. It is funny when you pack for fashionweek and bring with you the same items you normally take with you for a christmas holiday in the Norwegian mountains. Comfort over fashion.

Tomorrow I am heading back home, it has been an amazing but busy week and I hope I will be able to go back soon.

joseph hat/ Tommy Hilfiger coat/ Nike sneakers/ Hermes scarf/ Ran Ban sunglasses/ Proenza Schouler bag



In just one hour I am off to fashionweek in New York. Comfort is always key for me when travelin, so I am dressing up in sweatpants and a turtleneck. In my bag I am taking with me a shawl, my Kindle and a couple of atkins bars, and I am good to go. 

Even though it is Friday the 13th and the weather forecast is at -20 degrees for New York. No biggie!

Current/Elliot jacket/ Alexander Wang trousers/ Rag and Bone shoes/ Chanel bag

Bye bye doggie <3


I am a child of the 90, and with that comes Buffalo shoes, Sefa trousers, tiny backpacks, Fruit of the Loom and.. Uggs. The only thing I still love it the last one. It might not be the most sexy footwear, but neither is falling flat on your back. 


Zara faux fur/Mardou & Dean leather trousers/ Uggs/ FWSS beanie/ Proenza Schouler bag




I got a text from my mom today, asking me if I had stopped blogging. So I sat down with my Mac, prepared to write a “I am taking a break”-blogpost. But it turned out, writing a goodbye post would be harder than just continue blogging. I have been doing this for over 7 years, I never became a billionaire, I never even made it to the top of the top lists, I never became famous. And it was never my intention. But I always thought it was fun, and it has given me so many amazing opportunities. 

Still,there are some practical difficulties.

1st: Norway is freakin dark for several months a year! My boyfriend refuses to use flash. Enough said..

2nd:People always comment on how lucky I am to be living with a photographer, as I would always have someone to take amazing pictures. Amazing yes, always.. not so much. Let me tell you: Dragging abovementioned photographer out of bed in the morning, one hour before he has to get up, just so he can shoot some blog- ootd of his blogger girlfriend in the same way he has been doing for over four years, before going back to bed, waking up an hour later just to shoot actual models.. Well, its easier said than done..

3rd: I want to blog because I like it. When it is not fun- I don’t blog. 

Anyway, I am back now. Break postponed.