I have been a fan of mules (the shoe, not the animal.. or actually a bit of both) for as long as I can remember. I bought my first pair way before the Chanel hype and I wear them whether they are in fashion or not. This season are the ugly-pretty shoe as hot as ever and I am currently craving the clogs from Isabel Marant that unfortunately seem to be sold out everywhere. These are one of my more unique (and uncomfortable) pairs, from Miu Miu four years ago. 


I was so disappointed I couldn’t find the time to go back to Oslo for Mardou and Dean a/w show. It is one of my favorite jeans brands and it seems to just be getting better and better. Finally a Norwegian brand that really knows how to challenge its customers but still stay commercial and wearable. At the top of my fall wish list are these amazing tie up jeans. 

Photo: Dmitri Valberg


Giraunchy and Ill Slander.. 

I have to admit I find these “logo”  tees quite humorous. Especially the Benzo one. I am so over the whole tiger sweatshirt trend, Richard Parker is the only tiger in my heart right now (how beautiful is that movie?). But who knows, maybe tigers will be to Kenzo what skulls are to McQueen?

Available here


About 15 years ago (every time I say a sentence like this I get a reality check on how old I am! How can I even remember anything that happened 15 years ago??) there was a tale saying that a women once hang herself in the attic in the stable where I had my horses, and that her ghost still lived up there. We were terrified and never dared to go up there after dark. Her name was Alma.. I am no longer afraid of Alma, thank Lord, as she just reappeared. I want her in every color. Definitely a perfect supplement to my beloved  (and worn out) Marant Dicker boots.