I got this Hermès silk scarf from my friends for my 30th birthday last month. Brings a bit of colour to my everyday black and gray look.



Summertime means bracelet-time. I love wearing lots of colourful bracelets with a rolled up summery shirt. I buy a few new ones every summer and never bother to take theme off and they end up all faded and worn out by August. But thats a part of the charm. This summer will I be wearing these bracelets to show off my (hopefully) tanned skin. 

Pink tassel bracelet from Isabel Marant/ silver Taco friendship bracelet from Lucy Folk ,and some good luck with Fatimas hand/ the evil eye from Priyanka. 


I have been a fan of mules (the shoe, not the animal.. or actually a bit of both) for as long as I can remember. I bought my first pair way before the Chanel hype and I wear them whether they are in fashion or not. This season are the ugly-pretty shoe as hot as ever and I am currently craving the clogs from Isabel Marant that unfortunately seem to be sold out everywhere. These are one of my more unique (and uncomfortable) pairs, from Miu Miu four years ago.