How amazing is this outfit I snapped during LFW? Perforated leather overdose! 

Speaking of outfits.. My boyfriend is currently working in LA (that lucky bastard..) and I haven’t had anyone to take my photos this week. My tripod and G12 isn’t really the same after I had gotten used to having a professional shoot my outfit (yeah, I am so high maintenance!)  but only two more days and he is back! Which means that I will be back as well. 



I met Kate Lanphear for the first time during fashion-week in Copenhagen in 2009 when I was quite new to the industry. I had just started as a buyer for Høyer and it was my first international buying trip. She came up to me in the hotel- lobby, looked at my Alexander Wang bag and said “Those bags are everywhere, and it looks great on you. I have to send a picture to Alex”. She snapped a picture of (a very confused) me and my bag with her phone, and obviously sent it to .. (it took me some time to understand this..) Mr Wang himself. 

Pretty cool, right? I have been a fan of Lanphear (and Wang obviously..) ever since. Such a cool lady with the perfect edgy style. 

Here is a picture I snapped of her and Derek Blasberg during LFW


Gorgeous model in blue eye makeup after Topshop Unique show. Not for everyday (and definitely not for everyone) but perfect for the show. I couldn’t resist snapping her picture as she passed me.. It is a funny thing with fashion week streetstyle, that all of a sudden is it completely okay to take photos of people without permission. If you are outside a show venue are you automatically common property?


After four days freezing my ass off, getting fooled by the sunny weather like a tourist, I decided it was about time to ignore the urge for spring clothing and put on a proper jacket. This is a new 2nd hand ensemble  from Juicy Couture, that I was pairing with Alexander wang leopard heels, H&M caps, Stella McCartney bag, Camilla Prytz necklace and Alexander Wang sweatpants. One of my weirder outfits I have to admit..


How amazing are these pieces from Ashish f/w collection? I had the pleasure of attending the show yesterday and it undoubtedly stood out more than any of the other shows this week (it’s hard not to with sequined safety vests, reflection tape and glow in the dark coats..) I especially love those statement sweaters.