I was actually planning on wearing something slightly more crazy today, but it is just something about getting up at 7.30 to go to the first show, and put on a matching colorful suit and a hat, that doesn’t feel right.

London fashion-week is once again full of clown looking people that is so obviously out of their normal comfort zone (outfit- wise). I am all about challenging my style and try different things, and fashion week is a great opportunity to do that, but why try so hard to get your photo taken if it is not even your own style you are showing off? Today I saw a man in a pantyhose (no pants..) a slim singlet and a pair of high heels, dragging a bag after him like a dog on a leash. Enough said.. 

Wearing: Acne shirt, Sister Jane bomber jacket (loove it!!), Michael Kors blouse, Helmut Lang Leather Pants, Celine bag and Louboutin heels.


 After writing my last post I got contacted by the amazing UK brand, Sister Jane, and I got to pick out some pieces from their newest collection (which is awesome) to wear during London fashion Week. Today, the first day of LFW, I wore this amazing jacket in combination with my Dagmar dress (well, sweater actually..), Liberty beanie, Hermès scarf, Rayban sunglasses, Chanel purse and  some old Isabel Marant boots. London decided to show it’s best side today with fantastic weather. I am so happy to be living in this city on days like this. Let’s hope it stays that way. 


The last picture is of me and my talented friend, former classmate and author of Size Zero- A guide to spiritual Management, Guram .