Trends come and go.. I think its about time I dig out this suede fringe jacket from my London-moving boxes (still unpacked). It is at least 8 seasons old but still a winner.

From Acne



I got this Hermès silk scarf from my friends for my 30th birthday last month. Brings a bit of colour to my everyday black and gray look.



Please tell me you guys are as dark-cirkeled and tired-faced as I am? Christmas party season is hardcore (but SO much fun)! I was even considering retouching my face (which I never do-mainly out of laziness) but decided it is better to show the ugly truth.. I am hiding underneath my new customized caps with my initial on it. A gift from my sister for my birthday. <3 it!


Caps from Varsity/shearling fur from market/Chanel bag





It has been- and still is- an intense week. Christmas+ birthday = Lots and lots of dinners, plans and parties, (which I love obv) so today I decided to skip the makeup and go for a casual look when I was out running errands. The over-knee boots and the faux fur ties it all together and gives any outfit a more fashionable look. 

Zara faux fur/ Chanel Boy Bag/ Stuart Weizman over knee boots/ Whyred jeans/Kashmina beanie