My boyfriend turned 30 this Thursday and I surprised him with a trip to New York. An amazing trip that resulted in a jet-laged-but- worth-it Tuesday, lots of shopping, a helicopter ride, long dinners and late evenings with friends. I love it when I can give gifts I benefit from myself!

More pictures to follow…




This weekend I went to Stockholm to celebrate Presskontakterna’s 25th anniversary, and WOW my Swedish colleagues really know how to through a party! We arrived in Stockholm and was met with a massive room covered in tinfoil, that we assisted in turning into wallpaper. I could never imagine it would turn out as amazing as it did. 500 guests, oysters, drinks, DJs and entertainment. What a night! Congrats to the best team!

Photo: Studio Emma Svensson


I have been looking for a new winter coat for a while. I am not a fan of the more classical styles, and this oversized cocoon shaped version spoke to me. Tommy Hilfiger (which is one of the brands I am working with) is currently collaborating with Alexa Chung, and I have to say I agree with her statement about this coat: 

“It’s the kind of things I’d consider stealing off someones back if I saw them walking down the street!

Givenchy clutch/ Tommy Hilfiger coat/ Isabel Marant boots




I used to be big on ear-bling when I was younger, but than I got a pair of diamond-earrings from my dad to my 25th birthday and I never took them off because I was so scared I was going to lose them. Its been almost five years now and it is time to realise I am an adult with a jewellery box (for storage). 

Therefore I experimented with some new earrings this weekend, and I think I am going to start wearing some of my old and new favourites for the upcoming party season. These are a budget find from Glitter