My boyfriend and I are currently looking for a new home, and viewing apartments is what I spent my weekend doing (slightly laterblog-post). It was boiling hot and I paired my pajama shorts with a woolen jumper. It is mid September after all.. 

Zara jumper/ H&M shortts/ Isabel Marant boots/ Chanel purse


I have never been much of a Louis Vuitton logo kinda girl. 

Actually.. That’s a lie. I was a massive LV logo fan when I was younger. But those days are gone by over ten years and my LV collection is gone with it. But now am I suddenly regretting it and I just realized this Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag is just what I need. it is the perfect size to keep my mac and my camera and my hundred lip balms and my wallet and my receipts and.. you get the point. And you can have it personalized! I think I just added it to my wish list. What to you think, too preppy?


What is better than wearing a cosy, warm, weekend outfit on a chilly weekday? This double grey set is a new wardrobe favourite from Zara, and with a pair of booties does it work just as well for a day at work. I am currently moving from Bærum to Oslo and as I am in the middle of a no hairdryer and obs I forgot to buy towels and where the f..### is my.. everything (!) was a comfy outfit just what I needed. But oh my gosh how amazing it is to be back in my favourite city!!!!

Zara jumper and trousers (just realized Elen and Marie bought the same pieces- great minds and all that?) /TAG Oslo shoes/ Proenza Schouler bag