I am not the toughest girl out there. I am insanely scared of mice, I am way too afraid to ever watch anything scarier than Keeping up With the Kardashians unless my boyfriend is home, I am not a big fan of the dark and I love my chihuahua but take long detours to avoid german shepherds. Therefore, I prefer to dress in a way that makes me look a bit less like the girly girl I really am. Luckily, the weather in London is amazing and leather-jacket appropriate these days. Fake it til you make it!

Wearing: Mardou and Dean jeans/ Isabel Marant studded boots/ Mulberry bag/ Alexander Wang sunglasses/ Gestuz leather jacket/ Marc By Marc Jacobs jumper. 


I have been a fan of mules (the shoe, not the animal.. or actually a bit of both) for as long as I can remember. I bought my first pair way before the Chanel hype and I wear them whether they are in fashion or not. This season are the ugly-pretty shoe as hot as ever and I am currently craving the clogs from Isabel Marant that unfortunately seem to be sold out everywhere. These are one of my more unique (and uncomfortable) pairs, from Miu Miu four years ago.