Happy easter morning guys! Or whatever you say in English? I am still a bit confused about the holidays here, as they seem to call all of them “bank holiday”. Or even more confusing is it that they call long Friday (as we say in Norway) for Good Friday. It certainly wasn’t a good Friday for Jesus, was it? 

Okay, enough about Eva discussing things she doest know a thing about, and over to what this blog is all about. Outfits: I bought this YSL jacket a long time ago but I hardly ever wear it. I am a huge supporter of miss-match, but for some reason have I never felt that I could pull of this coat. Today I decided to give it a go, and I have to admit it is not as bad after all. I actually kinda love it. And I really like that it has Yves on the tag (not a bad word about Hedi Silmane but still..) 

And guys: everyone out there that are searching for the perfect striped jumper should go to COS immediately and buy one. My search is finally over. 


Wearing: Vintage YSL coat/ Mardou and Dean jeans/ Miu Miu clogs/ Chanel bag/ COS jumper


I have been a fan of mules (the shoe, not the animal.. or actually a bit of both) for as long as I can remember. I bought my first pair way before the Chanel hype and I wear them whether they are in fashion or not. This season are the ugly-pretty shoe as hot as ever and I am currently craving the clogs from Isabel Marant that unfortunately seem to be sold out everywhere. These are one of my more unique (and uncomfortable) pairs, from Miu Miu four years ago.